As avid readers & proud owners of Kindle eReaders in Malaysia, we deliver a guided experience using blogs, toolkits, training courses, and for those who seek a personalized service to Buy Kindle eBooks from Amazon Kindle Store across the world (US, UK, India, Japan or China) in Malaysia. We welcome feedback, discussions and support, behind the use of Amazon Gift Card for each Amazon Account: to enable eReader fans to buy Kindle eBooks across the world painlessly (without Amazon Account being put on hold by Amazon Account Specialist). As a result, we often ended with more than one (1) Kindle eReader to keep up with our growing selection eBooks from different Amazon Kindle Stores: US, China and India. Up until previous generation Kindle Paperwhite (7th Gen – 2015 Release), we have been able download and keep Kindle eBooks from different Amazon Kindle Store in one (1) Kindle eReader for offline reading. Since 2018, all New Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) will erase all downloaded Kindle eBooks from your Kindle eReader device and store all eBooks back to Amazon Cloud drive, when you deregister your Amazon Account and switch to Amazon account from different country.

Rakuten Kobo in Malaysia 2019

At KLIBF 2019, we are pleased to have met representatives from Rakuten Kobo Inc. – one of the world’s biggest digital booksellers. Owned by Tokyo-based Rakuten and headquartered in Toronto, Rakuten Kobo enables more than 38 million readers worldwide to read anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With a mission to make reading lives better for all, Rakuten Kobo connects readers to stories using thoughtful and personalized curation of eBooks and audiobooks, and the best dedicated devices and apps for reading. With the singular focus of making reading lives the best they can be, Kobo’s open platform allows people to fit reading into more moments in their busy lives.

Finally, all Malaysia eReader Fans can enjoy Buying Kobo eBooks across the world (US, UK, Canada, Japan or Taiwan) with our own Malaysia Credit Card/Debit Card & Malaysia phone number from one (1) Kobo eReader. We can easily change our Account with one of the following billing addresses: *Update your Kobo Billing Address here*

*For more choices of Taiwanese eBooks (>120,000) & English eBooks (> 6 Million) from Kobo Taiwan, use*
*Taiwan Billing Address:* 7F., No. 345-2, Sec. 2, Heping, E. Rd., Da’an Dist.,
Taiwan City: Taipei
Taiwan Postal Code: 106

*For more discounts of English eBooks (>6 Million) from Kobo UK / US Store, use*
*UK Billing Address:* London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street
UK City: London
UK Postal Code: WC2A 2AE

*US Billing Address:* Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock BLVD
US City: Portland
US State: Oregon
US Zip Code: 97202


Unlike Amazon, kobo also allows you to log in via your facebook or Google account, so that you don’t have to remember yet-another-password.

And then you are in! You can start buying ebooks now.

Let’s try to buy this book, Prisoners of Geography from where we are, the Malaysia store.


With the price of USD 9.89, this book is significantly cheaper than the price tag at Amazon US, USD 13.99

Now, what if you want to buy ebooks from kobo store in other countries? Yes you can, and it’s super easy to do: just click on the national flag icon at the top of the page, and you will be directed to the Choose Your Country section, let’s pick UK and viola! You are directed to the UK region of the book product:


Despite the apparent price difference, the cost of purchasing an ebook from kobo store is the same regardless of which region you are at; at the purchase page, the price displayed is the same, there is only one-price at Kobo website, which means that you don’t have to waste time to shop around for the best price.

Purchase complete!

As a sanity check, let’s go to my purchase history; it consists of a book I bought from Malaysia store, and another I bought from Taiwan store

And here’s another advantage of Kobo: it is fully integrated. Not only the purchase record across different regions will be stored at one place, but your books will be available under one single account on a device. You don’t have to sign-in and out of your account on your ereader device to access them all